A R T    D I R E C T I O N

Susan Tower

As a child I would imagine, write, draw, cut, paste and fold for hours.

All day if my mother would let me.


In some ways you could say I just never grew up.

Back to Hollywood!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Okay so maybe I’m not jumping on the plane and hiking it out to LA again but I am helping to brand another TV series being pitched to the History Channel.


Stolen Valor is a reality TV show where a Special Task Force tracks down scam artist who portray themselves to be military. The show has been purchased by a studio and now in the process of trying to get on the 2011 schedule.


Everyone keep your fingers crossed.



Burly Guys- 500% increase in bookings.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Have started following the Burly Guys on Facebook yet? Oh my gosh, you should...you really should. When we launched the Facebook “like” page (it’s still a fan page to me) started getting immediate interactions. The post, well if I do say so myself are quite entertaining.


This brand is brilliant, again not to boast, but before I established the brand for this junk removal business their phones were not quite earning their keep. These days the Burly Guys are seriously talking about a second truck purchase and on this date we are only 3 months into the brand.


But what I find hysterical is the comments. The owners tell stories of how folks stop and show their muscles upon seeing the car magnets. Chuckles at the business cards and  giggles from women anxiously waiting for their fridge to be picked up.


The power of brand. Man, this is it in a nutshell!!





A story about a travel journalist who can see ghost that help set the story straight and uncover the truth behind the historical event or place that they haunt. She essentially almost always end up rewriting history.


Hollywood. It really, really is a


It really is a “who you know” kinda business.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Sweet! One of my dearest girlfriends wrote a book called “Soul Party” and even though it has yet to be published, she caught the interest of a screenplay writer out in LA. One thing led to another and next thing you know there is a production team and a script for a TV series called “Ghost Writer”.


I got to assemble the branding work and as you can imagine with almost no budget for marketing all of the posters were photoshopped together using stock images and few shots of the celebrities who volunteered their time.


The show is being pitched to the USA Network. But when it came time to film the pilot they suddenly lost their art director. Guess who got to step in? Yep, and after 3 weeks in Hollywood, I came back wiser and little more appreciative of the Madison Avenue style of art directing.


Even though I am very grateful for the opportunity...let’s just say working with Hollywood ego’s is a whole different playground. I’ll stick to my own sandbox...thank you very much.

Windowposter3 GW-windowwebsite

Inspirations and Pick-Me-Ups

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


TBS has a blog called veryfunnyads.com. So instead of looking at my CD and reporting, “yeah, I got nothing”, I check this site first. Laughing my a-- off always gets my inspirations flowing.

printlg18 MarinaPark marinapark2

Now located is beautiful Sarasota, Fl!


June 29,2011

Sadly my grandparents Florida cottage became available this last year. So with a bold decision I choose to move back to my hometown in sunny Sarasota, Fl.

Not too many folks get to boast about being born in Florida like I do. My family has been in this area for more than 250 years!

I know that I am thrilled to being back here and to be able to bring my design studio and work in this lovely city.