A R T    D I R E C T I O N

Susan Tower

As a child I would imagine, write, draw, cut, paste and fold for hours.

All day if my mother would let me.


In some ways you could say I just never grew up.



Some Tid Bits to know 

  • I'm a big advocate of Creative Cloud. Everyday is an opportunity to explore and play in their world.


  • In my previous life I was biz manager for a commercial film & photography studio so I have a unique understanding of photography and have been blessed in working with some of this country’s finest photographers. But life really didn’t get interesting until I art directed for a pilot in Hollywood. Uh, yep, I think I’ll stick to advertising. Read more in my blog post. 


  • I am ontologically trained! Which means I can easily take responsibility for who I am and communicate in a very straightforward yet compassionate nature. I have found it creates a working environment drama free and without defenses.





Questions?: susan@companypeas.com




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